Hidden Dublin: thumbnail pictures 05 (River Poddle)

The River Poddle is becoming my obsession and I am anxious to record it before it is completely hidden from public view. This has virtually happened in the city centre of Dublin; currently, there is only one place from where you can see it within the canal ring (ie., Grand Canal). Each of the pictures below tells a story of an ancient watercourse - the river that helped to give Dublin its name (since it created the 'black pool' or 'dubh linn' in the Gaelic language, a small pond or lake at Dublin Castle). There is also free video footage of the Poddle and other items of interest in Dublin.

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poddle warrenmount dublin
poddle blackpitts dublin
poddle blackpitts dublin

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poddle warrenmount dublinpoddle blackpitts dublinpoddle blackpitts dublin