Glasnevin Junction, Dublin; Engine 042 with Bell and Guinness liner

23 MAY 1985

Glasnevin Junction in Dublin's north city was a regular haunt of mine. Four lines merged and it was a great place to see evening goods trains originating from Dublin's North Wall. This was the 19:15 Sligo liner, S902, with its allocated 'A' class engine passing early at 18:51. It was followed closely by the Asahi liner at 19:12, under the scheduled care of an 001 class, here 043. I usually cycled to Glasnevin, the trusty bike allowing a quick getaway should hooligans approach! This area was also prone to bricking, ie., dangerous stoning of trains. The only time it happened to me was on a special ITG excursion.

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glasnevin junction bell 042 north wall sligo liner

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