002 departs Dublin's North Wall with oil tankers


I would have to admit that I spent a lot of time in Dublin's North Wall with my trusty bicycle. It's no wonder I couldn't get a girlfriend when I was a teenager! The picture below was taken from East Wall overbridge, a regular haunt on the way to the docks. Evenings were the best time when a number of freight trains would depart from the Granaries. The oil tankers cam from Esso's rail-connected sidings on Alexandra Road - at this time there were a number of oil companies who delivered by rail.

Metropolitan Vickers 'A' class 002 i working hard, gradually climbing from the docks to the MGWR Sligo line. Following the demise of the 001 class, the train was frequently hauled by two 121 class single cab engines. The picture dates from 1986, sometime between late May and October.

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Dublin East Wall 002 Metropolitan Vickers A class 002 CIE oil tanks

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