Aerial view of Galway rail yard


While this aerial picture of Galway yard is not of the highest quality, I though it merited inclusion, due to the activity shown. It was taken from an Aer Aran plane en route to Inismore. Of interest are the wagons in the sidings and you can also get some impression of the extensive lines in the dock area. At that time the storage tanks were supplied by rail but I believe Irish rail has lost that contract, along with a lot of other freight contracts in the west and south west.

The orange rectangles are buses; the site is still a busy bus depot. The hotel at Galway station has changed hands several time in the last number of years; it is a landmark site since it is extremely close to the city centre (as is the station - of the major stations in Ireland, Galway is probably closest to the city centre).

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aerial view galway port railway yard

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