Metrovick CIE 003 departs Rathdrum on an Ammonia for Sheldon Abbey


While there is virtually no freight on the Dublin-Rosslaire line these days, it was a glorious place for rail enthusiasts in the late twientieth century. The SHeldon Abbey Fertiliser works (owned originally by the state company NET) created block trains of ammonia and fertiliser, normally using the northern section of the line through Dublin but occasionally being routed through Rosslaire strand.

This picture shows Metropolitan Vickers 'A' class 003 departing Rathdrum for Sheldon Abbey; the wagon behind the engine is a barrier wagon full of water, and acting as protection for the highly-dangerous ammonia tanks following. The water could also be used in an emergency to spray the ammonia, although this never happened. The siding to the front and right of 003 is known as the 'Wood siding' and gives an indication of the steep falling gradient towards Avoca (thanks DSE for that information).

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metropolitan vickers a class cie 003 rathdrum wicklow

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