Metrovick CIE 009 at Wellington Bridge on beet


This is Wellington Bridge, Co. Wexford at the heart of the sugar beet campaign. Metropolitan Vickers 'A' class 009 is shunting its load of beet wagons and there are still plenty of semaphore signals in evidence.

Unfortunately I can't remember the exact date of the photograph but will keep checking my diaries for clues. The locomotive has had the 'toothpaste' white stripes applied, so that should help to date the picture. You will also notice that the picture was taken in the middle of the yard; I was not a railway employee. However, I always asked the rail officials if it was possible to photograph and I frequently wore my 'bra', the Munster railmen's term for a high visibility yellow jacket!

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wellington bridge county wexford cie irish rail a class metropolitan vickers engine

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