149 Light Engine Waterford to New Ross and beyond, May 1986

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This is the index page for a wonderful opportunity we were given in spring 1986. Having left Dublin in the early hours to reach Waterford in time to follow the annual weedspray train from Waterford to Ballinacourty, we arrived to be told that the train was cancelled due to a malfunction with the sprayer mechanism. We were not the only ones who made the trip - an enthusiast had travelled from the UK to be equally disappointed. However, the fantastic CIE staff at Waterford yard saw our disappointment and, at amazing short notice, arranged a light engine to travel from Waterford to New Ross and back. 149 arrived with a Bell liner and the engine then took us on an unforgettable journey up the (then mothballed) New Ross branch. On the outward journey we (the missus and myself) travelled in the front cab and in the rear cab on the return leg. What made the trip even more exciting was that we went beyond New Ross station and yard and on the approach to the closed Barrow Bridge. The pictures are presented in sequence - please inform me if you see any errors in detail, or can provide further information.

Finally, I did write to the train crew and yard manager at Waterford shortly after the event, but would like to offer my sincere thanks once again to all concerned for a memorable and historic day.

Click on the thumbnails below or go to the top of the page (or here >) and click next for the full sequence of 22 pictures. All material (as with almost everything on www.hidden-dublin.com) belongs to P J D Scott 2001-12; do not use without permission.


mountmellick portlaoise  branch
mountmellick portlaoise  branch
mountmellick portlaoise  branch

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