If you found the Huguenot pictures interesting, you might just find the following of use. I am no genealogist but know a little about research methods in general. I found these results in http://copac.ac.uk [combined British and Irish Libraries]; similar sites are also available online from the National Library of Ireland's site [http://www.nli.ie/] and the Library of Congress site [http://www.loc.gov/]. If you input something such as "huguenot society publication" these library search engines will list the following books. You will then have to go to the libraries to see them - they are in The National Library, Dublin; Trinity College Dublin; The British Library, London and others.

The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Irish Branch, has a great resources page, particularly a link to a very useful pdf file written by Vivien Costello. You will also find primary materials concerning Huguenot ancestors in the library of the Representative Church Body of Ireland housed in south Dublin; see details on the Society page.

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to www.CyndisList.com, a huge genealogy index, including a sizeable section on Huguenots, Ireland as well as much of the western world.

Here are some books which might be useful to you if you are researching Irish Huguenot family history:

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  • Registers of the French church of Portarlington, Ireland
  • LeFanu, Thomas Philip
  • Dublin: Huguenot Society of London (1908)


  • Registers of the French conformed churches of St. Patrick and St. Mary, Dublin
  • La Touche, James Digues
  • The Publications of the Huguenot Society of London ; 7
  • Dublin : [Printed for the Huguenot society of London, by A. Thom & co.]
  • (1893)

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  • Dublin and Portarlington veterans : King William III's Huguenot army
  • Manche, William Henry and Le Fanu, Thomas Philip
  • Publications of the Huguenot society of London, xli
  • (1946)

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  • Registers of the French Non-Conformist churches of Lucy Lane and Peter Street, Dublin
  • Le Fanu, Thomas Philip
  • Publications of the Huguenot Society of London ; vol. XIV
  • Aberdeen : [University Press Limited] (1901)

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