• NAME: Jen Drumgoole
  • Country: Maryland, USA Date: Tue Jul 8 21:09:50 2003
  • Comment: Can't wait for my trip this summer!


  • NAME: Patty
  • Country: Atlanta, GA, US
  • Date: Wed Jul 2 16:38:18 2003
  • Comment: I enjoy reading the newsletter as it brings back fond memories of the trip I made to Ireland in January 2001. My son is planning a trip to Ireland when he graduates from college next spring, and is getting some ideas from the information you've provided. Thank you!


  • NAME: Brenda
  • Country: Argentina
  • Date: Wed Jul 2 01:55:55 2003
  • Comment: I just wanted to congratulate everyone for this website!!! Itbs amazind, and useful indeed. I like it a lot.


  • NAME: Peter (Editor)
  • Country: Ireland
  • Date: Fri Jun 27 16:28:57 2003
  • Comment: Many thanks Michael - I must mention the annual hurling, even though you were deserved victors! You have also reminded me to mention the annual football blood-letting between the Australians and Irish teams! Peter


  • NAME: Michael
  • Country: Scotland
  • Date: Thu Jun 19 11:23:29 2003
  • Comment: Great site for a great city. In your sports section, though, you didn't mention that international shinty/hurling is played between Scotland and Ireland. Is that because Scotland has won the last few games???


  • NAME: Joseph Cassidy
  • Country: Ireland
  • Date: Fri May 23 22:00:59 2003
  • Comment: Hi there Peter. You're not the boss of me ! Ha, Ha, Ha

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