The trendy Temple Bar [see map M 49] is located between the Central Bank on Dame Street and the Liffey. It's well worth a visit and is a hive of activity at most times of the day and night.

The Elephant & Castle restaurant is recommended; their chicken wings make a tasty entrée. The Porterhouse pub is also worth visiting since they brew their own beer, and keep a rotating selection available

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Fishamble Street flanks one of Dublin's hidden scandals in recent years, Dublin Corporation's offices at Wood Quay. The Corporation previously housed their employees in a series of ramshackle buildings around the City Hall area, and wished, understandably, to build new premises. A site was available beside Tara Street DART station but the 'Corpo' (as they are affectionately known) decided to commission the 'bunkers' beside Christ Church. In the course of construction, excellent remains of Dublin's earliest medieval settlement were found (as expected) but instead of cancelling the building work and preserving the remains, the Corpo pressed on. A large protest movement quickly formed under the leadership of the inspired priest Professor F. X. Martin, but it was to no avail and the Corpo held F. X. Martin responsible for the lost high court case to the tune of nearly £500,000 (a huge sum in the 1980s). Thankfully, the present government waived his debt and the case is regarded by many as being a watershed in a new, environmentally-aware government and establishment.

Where are the city's walls?

Unfortunately, few traces remains of the medieval walled city, centred around Dublin Castle. One of the best preserved sections may be seen at the rear of the St. Audeon's churches on High Street (the nearest to Christ Church is a catholic church and the farthest is protestant). The best vantage point is on Cook Street which runs parallel to High Street but is nearer the river [see map section K-49 and photo].

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