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Tony's story (part 2, page 3)

Mr.Supple was the Headmaster of Our Lady of Good Counsel when I was in attendance. For those who might remember him with fondness as I do, he was a dapper man. I always recall him wearing excellent shiny 60s type mohair suits, white shirt, and colourful ties - as a kid I always wanted to dress like that. At around the age of 15 I remember I bought my first mohair suit with my first week’s wages - in those days you could get it on ‘tick’ [the ‘never-never’ or credit] and could pay it off in weekly instalments. I enjoyed most lessons at my school but my favourite was music and singing in the choir. Later in my life singing would play a major role in my existence. If memory serves me well I think our choirmaster was Mr. Muldoon, a tall gangly man from somewhere in the country. I remember he used to fling things at the boys in the hall where we would had our practice. Items such as chalk and blackboard dusters were his favourites, and he became a real good shot or what was commonly known as a Dead Eyed Dick! I wonder who remembers the penny dinners that we used to have at lunch times over at the Sisters’ Convent, I now know why I have a great dislike of semolina and sago Puddings - they always looked like frog spawn and tasted awful, but who am I to complain many boys loved and enjoyed it.


I became a prefect later in my schooldays and ended up being a runner for Mr. Supple. I would have to stand outside his office in the corridor and, like a winged messenger, would pass information onto other teachers and pupils alike. I enjoyed doing that as it made me feel important. I, like many others, smoked my first cigarette - I know it’s an old cliché but it was behind the bike sheds that I turned green that day. For my sins I still enjoy a smoke to this day and you would think that I would quit this awful habit I tend to do things in a more calmer way when I smoke the evil weed (it's in your mind, Tony! Editor).

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