River Poddle in Blackpitts, Dublin's Liberties

I believe that this is probably the first photograph of the River Poddle from this place, a hidden and private location in Dublin 8. Remarkably, it is the last open access of the Poddle before it continues its underground course to the River Liffey; unfortunately, this place is due for development from this year (2007). I took the picture with permission; it is impossible to see without great caution and a 10 metre ladder. The water runs from left to right; the concrete pipe is the entrance to the culvert. I suspect that the wall you can see if very old; this section of the old watercourse was very near the site of two mills.

This is one of the Poddle's (once numerous) diversions which were engineered in the mediaeval period; it divides at Harold's Cross and rejoins the main stream in the vicinity of Fumbally Lane. It is known as the Abbey stream, since the Abbot of St. Thomas's Abbey effectively controlled it.

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