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Irish gift ideas, useful for birthdays and Christmas etc


This page offers something different from the results you get when Googling "Irish gifts". Of course you can get Irish jewellery, including the famous claddagh ring, but we are trying to offer alternative suggestions. You might know someone who has visited Ireland and loved the Irish culture. Just enter the suggested bold text into the search box below.


Collectable Irish coins or old banknotes set in a special presentation package (special birthday). Before the Euro coinage a number of various currencies were minted. These are the Irish decimal pound (lovely 1 coin, 50 pence, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p, 1p and, rare in mint condition since it was withdrawn well before the Euro, the 1/2p). The Irish pre-decimal coins were beautifully designed and it is still possible to buy them in mint or used condition. Likewise, there were paper notes accompanying the decimal and pre-decimal currency. These are especially worthwhile since they can easily be wall-mounted in a decent, but inexpensive, presentation frame. They will always keep their value and become a treasured and memorable gift. Whytes have an online service and are a reputable company. You don't have to spend a fortune but make sure it comes in a presentation box or package.



Possible less expensive, but just as unusual, is a print of an old Irish map. These can be bought and then placed in an inexpensive frame - a lovely gift! Ebay always have some on offer or Google something like old irish map for sale.


Another worthwhile gift is a newspaper subscription; the Irish Times has online and paper versions available. The online version is really useful since it provides immediate access to the day's news. Of course the Irish Times's main rivals, the Irish Independent, offer a free online version!


Another inexpensive gift is a ticket for the Irish lottery. These can be bought from outside the country; the Irish lottery is quite popular since the odds on winning are quite good, due to the relatively low number of tickets bought (when compared, for example, to the UK or the larger European countries). There may be restrictions on the age of the person buying the ticket - you can't win the Irish lottery unless you are 18.




There are various Irish chocolates and candy sets available from a variety of manufacturers, including Butlers. For the ultimate, cost-effective Irish present (particularly for Irish emigrants!), a presentation pack of Tayto Crisps [chips] is always welcome and amusing!


You might also consider buying an Irish book as a present. There are a huge number of titles available; for novels you can't go wrong with Maeve Binchy. For fact you might try a history of Ireland, such as The Oxford Companion to Irish History or any books by the journalist Robert Kee, particularly the readable Green Flag volumes.




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