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  • Final instructions: Proceed to the building next to it - the steps are a good focal point for Camera 1. Look at the building on the other side of the road. When you get bored you can walk a short distance towards the Talbot Street intersection and stop between the other set of steps and the two phone boxes. This is the area for Camera 2 [www.nci.ie/ispy/cam2/]. Pose madly here if you wish, again looking across the street and slightly to your right for maximum exposure. The best camera is camera 4 since it is focussed on the nearest point - the traffic island. Stand here, looking towards the cycle 'gate' sign and look slightly up and left and say "Hello ma!"
  • I am delighted that the lovely folk at World-Link are very happy for me to link to their site [they provide the live cameras] and I thank them for their kindness. Please drop into their building - they sound like great staff. Even better - tell them you heard about them through this site, thus improving my image and compensating for my tacky web page design.







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